We hate plastic bags. We hate them so much we came up with the Clothesnik, a 100% cotton garment bag made specifically for those who love to dry clean but hate to pollute. Designed with a drawstring at the bottom and zipper down the front, just bundle your dirty clothes in the Clothesnik to the dry cleaners or laundry, and they come back clean and ready to go hanging in the same bag. Just like a regular garment bag, but better. For you, your neighbor, the world. Just say no to plastic bags with the Clothesnik.

In one easy step you can make that statement: Pack your Clothesnik with dirty clothes and take it to the Cleaners. Your clean clothes come back hung up neatly cleaned and pressed in the same bag. No More Plastic Dry Cleaning or Laundry Bags!

This is not just a fashion but a fashion (and future) necessity. Use it for travel, personalize it, give it as a gift, tell your friends.

The Clothesnik is a super-premium bag made for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint - for you, your dry cleaners, those companies who want to make a positively green statement, fashion boutiques and fashion designers - everyone and anyone who is looking for a way to improve our environment.